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How we work

Flat Peak was started to enable more companies to reap the benefits of modern software practises, allowing them to "keep the human", and use technology to do the things it's good at.

We keep things simple. Fill out our quick introduction form and we'll give you a call straight away. Although the size of projects varies, the roadmap typically doesn't.


We'll scope out the project with you. We prefer to focus on one objective the first time we work with you. It can be tempting to try and fix everything, but we find these partnerships most effective when we simplify.


Once a scope is agreed, we implement. We work in three week sprints, with a minimum of 2 sprints per project.


We write testing into our implementation phase, and also perform a full end-to-end tests of any process or product changes we make before it goes live.


There's no point in delivering something no-one knows how to use. We build intuitively, but we also make sure we train people to work as effectively as possible.


We take the project all the way through to delivery, and make sure it's live and working for you across your organisation. We also offer affordable support contracts to make sure you keep up with the latest updates.


We insist on a retrospective at the end of each project.

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